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Chapter 408 little elfin
In thousands of years ago, if a scholar won initially devote the imperial test, he will bring great benefits to his family members .
“Eastern side Water Dragon Palace?”
“Hey there! Watchful with the ideas!” Zhao Yanzi jumped out and yelled, directing her finger for the solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator .
The cultivator with an ident.i.ty token of Ren Yin 197 condensed a thick part of yellow-colored armor all around him, as well as the two large hammers within his hands and fingers produced amazing yellow lighting .
Zhao Kuo! This time, Hao Ren clearly observed Zhao Kuo withdrawing his fist and ranking there magnificently during the Li Xia World . Following successful, Zhao Kuo checked approximately, along with his gaze finally looked to Hao Ren who had been three small arenas out . The 24 arenas have been one meter above the base . Consequently, the people who were actually in the field could observe the battles on the nearby arenas . At this point, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo got conquered their respective foes and stood within the Jing Zhe Industry and Li Xia Industry, checking out each other well over the s.p.a.ce . A wide selection of meters away, Hao Ren could still see the piercing and ruling power in Zhao Kuos eyes! Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 197! the inspector on the Jing Zhe World reported . After casting another look at Zhao Kuo, Hao Ren jumped off of the area . The cultivators round the arenas were definitely densely packed together with each other, and they also couldnt see that which was taking place , a few field out . Gongzi, that you were brilliant! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili immediately went to Hao Ren, handing him liquid as well as a cloth like two cheerleaders . Observing Hao Rens victories, Zhao Yanzis experience purged with pleasure, but she didnt desire to admit it to him as a substitute, she snorted with a pout . You will have claimed six fights consecutively, Xie Yujia smiled lightly and said . All people who is still from the sport all received consecutively . Zhen Congming dampened their interest with his terms . His words didnt tone pushing, but he spoke reality . After all, it was only first assortment procedure, and anyone who wanted to go on forward were required to get seven or eight fights consecutively . Zhao Hongyu smiled at Hao Ren . Its Hao Rens first time partic.i.p.ating on the test, and the man does a great job . Then, she frowned slightly and glanced for the motion in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Four time possessed pa.s.sed since combat tests set about, Zhao Guang ended up being on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine while using two senior citizens for some hours too . Glancing at Zhao Hongyu, Hao Ren thought for a time and determined to not ever let her know about Zhao Kuo . From the design of points, Zhao Kuo would certainly get out from the Yi Mao cultivators . Due to the fact Zhao Hongyu was concered about Zhao Guang, Hao Ren made the decision let alone Zhao Kuo for the moment . Inside the Jing Zhe Industry, a Dui-level cultivator is in a brutal challenge with another Dui-level cultivator . As being the compet.i.tions proceeded, the cultivators with less strong cultivation strength were gradually eliminated . The Zhen-stage cultivators can be fortunate enough to access your second or the next rounds, nonetheless they couldnt succeed in the fourth and the fifth circular . The cultivators who will be survive position in the arenas were actually going to be not less than Dui-amount cultivators . At Gen-stage, Hao Ren was actually a hard to find different at this point . From the arena, the cultivator using the Ren Yin 168 ident.i.ty expression dangling on his waist suddenly elevated his wooden serving, giving off a vivid lightweight . The cultivator using an ident.i.ty expression of Ren Yin 197 condensed a heavy level of yellow-colored armour all over him, as well as the two massive hammers in his palms introduced amazing yellow equipment and lighting . With identical sturdiness, they couldnt set aside their aspect basis anymore and unleashed their correct advantages . Ren Yin 168 suddenly taken out a wood awl which immediately pierced Ren Yin 179s armour along with his shoulder blades before hovering out through his rear having a track down of blood stream . Ren Yin 179 grunted and tried to deal with back, but his correct lower leg was pierced with the wooden awl which switched and flew rear . That has a knocking racket, the burly cultivator, just about two m tall, sat down inside the industry . Sorry! The Dui-stage hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator released an eco friendly light-weight ray from the wood pan and mailed our planet-elemental dragon cultivator with the Ren Yin 179 ident.i.ty token traveling away from the world . Various globe-elemental seniors position about the world immediately hurried onto aid this cultivator up . This entire world-elemental dragon cultivator moved the senior citizens off him and fought plan excellent fort.i.tude, and that he checked defiant . Needless to say, this Ren Yin 197 had been a new legend in the planet-elemental dragon clan . Experiencing been conquered, there was no use to become angry, in which he got no option but to go back to the mountains and grow challenging for next decades exam . The inspector to blame for the Jing Zhe Industry endured with a frosty expression and yelled, Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246! He didnt even free a peek for the globe-elemental dragon cultivator who failed . In the end, such downfalls ended up quite a few over the Dragon G.o.d Shrines tests every year . What are the Dragon G.o.d Shrine wanted was the best ten who could come to be official inspectors and 40 experts who were heading to become a.s.sisting inspectors . The cultivators who was unsuccessful during the early stages of were not individuals who the Dragon G.o.d Shrine were following, regardless of how excellent their backdrops have been . Ranking in the arena, Ren Yin 168 requested a 15-moment crack to alter . This solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator would battle Hao Ren whose quantity was Ren Yin 246 upcoming . If he claimed, he would get seven sequential wins and be the champ with the Ren Yin team, getting the certification to get in the subsequent stage of the exams . Within the inspectors nod, Ren Yin 168 rushed away from the area, and over ten real wood-elemental seniors who are waiting across the field immediately surrounded him . Some aided him clean out his meridians while one fed him an elixir supplement originating from a container . Another seniors glanced at Hao Ren and preserved supplying Ren Yin 168 hints and guidelines . In the past, when a scholar earned initial spot in the imperial check-up, he will bring wonderful benefits to his family . It was subsequently the same for any Dragon G.o.d Shrines standard exam . If the cultivator turned out to be an established Inspector, not one person would dare to blunder using the clan he was in . In particular to people mid-placed dragon clans, the greater inspectors they had, the greater number of strong these people were . Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246! The burst was through, and the inspector withstood up again and yelled . The hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator experienced replenished his character substance and leaped into the field . Steadily, Hao Ren proceeded to go in the field, as well as silver dragon embroidery on his shoulder s.h.i.+ned within the climbing sunshine . The wood-elemental dragon cultivator acquired followed Hao Rens games and located he was capable at boxing, but he possessed no dharma treasures or perhaps a large kingdom . Even with that, Ren Yin 168 didnt dare to wind down considering the fact that he was frightened that Hao Ren ended up being covering his a fact strength . He also required the senior citizens from his clan to observe Hao Rens companions . The info he have was very bewildering . Among Hao Rens cheering team were actually two lovely twins who checked powerful but emitted no signals of dragons the mom and little princess were actually respectively at Xun-point plus the Basic foundation Organization Kingdom another attractiveness checked just like a mortal without any changes of characteristics essence, but she possessed metallic and fantastic lighting encircling her like some dharma treasures a Li-level child who appeared very ferocious the last man or woman was obviously a hunch-reinforced classic mankind who has been at Xun-degree, and the mild demonstrated that he came from a liquid-elemental dragon clan… As soon as you! Whenever you! On the arena, the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator and Hao Ren cupped palms at each other . Hao Rens weird service staff and the ident.i.ty for an a.s.sisting inspector overwhelmed this cultivator, knowning that was why he made a decision to restrain Hao Ren with the very beginning . The wood dish on his fretting hand photo a amazing natural green gentle toward Hao Rens cardiovascular! Eco-friendly Wooden Scroll! This wooden-elemental dragon cultivator was just 28 years, but he possessed arrived at best-level Dui-levels, just one single stage from Xun-amount . He was actually a youthful superstar within the Qingcheng Mountain peak Dragon Palace and also one of the full wooden-elemental dragon tribe . If he unleashed his entire push, the seniors on his clan were not his go with . Which was why he was sure that he could curb Hao Rens Gen-amount potential with one strike! If Hao Ren has been camouflaging his genuine ability, he would compel Hao Ren to indicate it . Be careful! Experiencing the aggressiveness of the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator, Zhao Yanzi shouted beyond the world . All things considered, the last world-elemental dragon cultivator got his arm and correct lower leg pierced merely a minute earlier . Hao Ren arrived at out his palms, and this man taken in the eco-friendly lighting returning his way using a wave! The Sunlight Splitting Sword Shadow Browse, take up! The strength produced through the wood-elemental dharma jewel which has been powered by the Eco-friendly Wooden Browse included 100 % pure solid wood components, as well as the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Browse acquired the power of soaking up five factors! Soaking up his adversaries assault looked high risk, but Hao Ren got looked at every one of the games in the Jing Zhe Area, and that he appreciated all of the six satisfies for this hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator . Know yourself and know your adversary, and you may not be defeated! Hao Ren taken in the hardwood-elemental mother nature essence while he was certain he could take action! The solid wood-elemental the outdoors basis entered Hao Rens entire body through his hands before you head to his legs . In a spiral, the energy was completely devoured . A thin beam of whitened sword strength golf shot from his small finger . Aluminum-elemental sword strength! Stainless steel conquered timber! Pretty much simultaneously, Hao Ren changed lightly and forced his palm at Ren Yin 168! The brownish solid wood awl suddenly picture right out of the wooden-elemental dragon cultivators forehead! Just like a display, Hao Ren grabbed the wooden awl even though the hundun G.o.dly lightning in their palm shattered the wood made awl into two pieces! The white-colored sword vitality found the hardwood-elemental dragon cultivators area in addition to Hao Ren . The hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator increased his hands and fingers to bar Hao Rens palm, nevertheless the sword power reach him for the chest muscles . Since he felt numb all over his system and couldnt relocate, his arm was hit heavily by Hao Rens palm . Hao Rens palm comprised a lot more bright white stainless steel-elemental the outdoors fact! Experiencing as if his entire body was disintegrated, the wooden-elemental dragon cultivator needed several actions lower back, unable to fight for or invasion . Because he was compelled backside, he entered into the oxygen and fell from your area! Bang! He dropped from your significant area, and dirt increased upon his slip . The timber-elemental seniors hurried around and served the young cultivator with all the establish token Ren Yin 168 up . Thank you! Hao Ren withstood around the side of the area and cupped his arms gracefully . Standing on the ground, Zhao Yanzi investigated Hao Ren on his fluttering robe with personalities in her own sight . Why Hao Ren looks so das.h.i.+ng all of a sudden? she thinking . Numb and tender around, the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator looked up at Hao Ren with rage and yelled with gritted pearly whites, You cheated! Seeing folks rotating their sight to him, he pointed at Zhao Yanzi along with the some others with ambiguous backdrops and yelled, They must are a.s.sisting him with disguised . tools! Hi there! Thorough using your thoughts! Zhao Yanzi jumped out and yelled, directed her finger with the wood-elemental dragon cultivator . How could a Gen-levels cultivator win six fights consecutively? It should are already you people with been a.s.sisting him in secret! Looking at Zhao Yanzi as well as the men and women close to her, the wooden-elemental dragon cultivator endured up and yelled . The inspector responsible for this industry neglected this debate and raised his right hand . The ident.i.ty token hanging for the midsection of this wooden-elemental dragon cultivator flew in the inspectors fretting hand and made black color instantly . It meant the wooden-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified for the rest of the compet.i.tion, plus the inspector chosen that Hao Ren earned the complement . I dont concur! They made use of disguised . weaponry! You need to explore them! The solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator aimed at Zhao Yanzi and also the others, yelling inside of a loud speech . As being a youthful master in the Qingcheng Hill Dragon Palace, it had been a huge disgrace for him to always be conquered by way of a Gen-levels cultivator with two problems . You happen to be poor loser! Unproductive! Zhao Yanzi got angrier and made a facial area for the timber-elemental dragon cultivator . It immediately enraged the wood-elemental dragon cultivator . Standing upright, he yelled on the elders by his section, Elder Liu, Elder Ye, help them learn a idea! The Qingcheng Mountain / hill Dragon Palace was actually a large power from the southeast vicinity, which hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator was the kid of your dragon ruler there . Feeling cheated, he received annoyed at Zhao Yanzis provocation and lost his temper . Ren Yin 246 from the Eastern side Seashore Dragon Palace would be the champion! Ranking during the industry, the inspector announced . East Seas Dragon Palace… Even though inspectors voice was not excessive, his thoughts surprised each of the cultivators round the Jing Zhe Arena . East Water Dragon Palace? The real wood-elemental senior citizens coming from the Qingcheng Mountain / hill all checked out Zhao Yanzi and her party in astonishment, as well as other energies in the area stared at Zhao Hongyu plus the other people in bafflement . Each one of the 24 arenas would acquire one finalized champ whose clan and origins would be proclaimed following the reduction matches . The Eastern Sea Dragon Palace also moved into the Dragon G.o.d Shrines normal examinations? The news immediately triggered an upheaval around the Jing Zhe Area! The senior citizens of your Qingcheng Mountain / hill immediately dragged their young prince out from the location without a fuss . All things considered, they couldnt manage to chaos with the Eastern side Beach Dragon Palace!
The cultivators surrounding the arenas have been densely bundled collectively, plus they couldn’t see what was taking place , more than one field out .
The inspector to blame for this field forgotten about this case and elevated his right-hand . The ident.i.ty token hanging at the stomach for this wooden-elemental dragon cultivator flew in the inspector’s hands and changed black quickly .
The Sunshine Splitting Sword Shadow Browse, process!
“The Eastern Water Dragon Palace also inserted the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s normal examinations?”
Observing men and women changing their eyeballs to him, he aimed at Zhao Yanzi plus the some others with unclear backdrops and yelled, “They must happen to be a.s.sisting him with invisible weapons!”
“All people that is still in the activity all gained consecutively . ” Zhen Congming dampened their eagerness regarding his words and phrases .
The Qingcheng Hill Dragon Palace was obviously a major drive inside the southeast place, which hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator was the son on the dragon king there . Feeling cheated, he got annoyed at Zhao Yanzi’s provocation and shed his temper .
“Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246!” The crack was in excess of, plus the inspector stood up again and yelled .
Currently, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo got defeated their individual enemies and endured during the Jing Zhe Industry and Li Xia Arena, investigating the other person over the s.p.a.ce .
Hao Ren’s palm covered a lot more white colored aluminum-elemental character fact!
4 several hours acquired pa.s.sed considering that the eliminate examinations started, Zhao Guang have been during the Dragon G.o.d Shrine while using two elders for several many hours also .
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It meant that the wood-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified for the rest of the compet.i.tion, as well as the inspector decided that Hao Ren claimed the go with .
A number of several hours experienced pa.s.sed ever since the battle tests started, Zhao Guang had been from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine using the two seniors for some hours also .
The wood-elemental senior citizens hurried around and really helped the fresh cultivator together with the identify token Ren Yin 168 up .
Lots of yards aside, Hao Ren could still glance at the piercing and dominating electricity in Zhao Kuo’s sight!
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Exactly what the Dragon G.o.d Shrine wished was the highest ten who could grow to be recognized inspectors and 40 experts who had been moving to become a.s.sisting inspectors . The cultivators who was unsuccessful in early stages of were not individuals who the Dragon G.o.d Shrine ended up after, however terrific their qualification had been .
The Dui-stage wood-elemental dragon cultivator produced a green lighting ray out of the wooden dish and dispatched the planet earth-elemental dragon cultivator together with the Ren Yin 179 ident.i.ty token hovering away from the industry .
“Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246!” The bust was in excess of, along with the inspector stood up again and yelled .
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Then, she frowned slightly and glanced at the path in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine .
It meant that the wood-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified through out the compet.i.tion, along with the inspector determined that Hao Ren received the match up .
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With match power, they couldn’t book their character substance anymore and unleashed their real strengths .
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Consequently, those who were actually in the arena could see the struggles on the around arenas .
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“How could a Gen-stage cultivator gain six battles consecutively? It must have already been you folks who may have been a.s.sisting him in secret!” Taking a look at Zhao Yanzi along with the people about her, the real wood-elemental dragon cultivator stood up and yelled .
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The timber-elemental seniors hurried around and served the fresh cultivator together with the establish expression Ren Yin 168 up .
“Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 197!” the inspector of your Jing Zhe World reported .
Seeing Hao Ren’s wins, Zhao Yanzi’s experience flushed with fulfillment, but she didn’t need to confess it to him instead, she snorted that has a pout .
“Eastern side Sea Dragon Palace…” However the inspector’s sound was not deafening, his phrases stunned each of the cultivators throughout the Jing Zhe Field .
Zhao Kuo!
Within the inspector’s nod, Ren Yin 168 rushed right out of the area, and over ten real wood-elemental elders who had been waiting around surrounding the field immediately surrounded him . Some helped him steady out his meridians while one provided him an elixir pill from your package . Several other senior citizens glanced at Hao Ren and maintained delivering Ren Yin 168 ideas and instructions .
It had been the same for the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s general check-up . In case a cultivator grew to become an authorized Inspector, not one person would dare to chaos with all the clan he was in . Primarily to those people middle-positioned dragon clans, the greater inspectors they had, the more highly effective people were .
The Qingcheng Mountain Dragon Palace had been a big force from the southeast spot, and also this hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator was the daughter in the dragon california king there . Emotion cheated, he received mad at Zhao Yanzi’s provocation and suddenly lost his temper .
This hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator was just 28 years of age, but he got achieved top-level Dui-degree, only one part from Xun-levels . He became a little legend in the Qingcheng Mountain / hill Dragon Palace and also one of several entire real wood-elemental dragon tribe .
Zhao Hongyu smiled at Hao Ren . “It’s Hao Ren’s newbie partic.i.p.ating on the exam, and the man is performing a great job . “

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